Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Creativity Without Expensive Gear

In light of all the new and improved Photography Gear, creativity without expensive gear still proves possible. In fact, most of the worlds most impressive photography were captured by experienced photographers using some of the most pragmatic and basic photography gear. It's important not to fixate on having the top of the line gear with hopes that your photography will prove to be so much better in the end. It takes skills in using your apparatuses to capture true valuable moments or stills.

Here is a clip that goes over the topic of Pro or Amateur gear:

Friday, June 21, 2013

Best Photography Info Blog Online

Best Photography Info Blog Online

Find out all the necessary information pertaining to Photography right here~

Image Taken in Astoria Park in June of 2013

Well, nowadays everyone who received a DSLR as a gift for Christmas or purchased one on their own is now a photographer and thus needs nothing more than their DSLR to go pro :).

Be it the affordability of the actual camera or the ingenuity found in most recent releases of DSLR cameras, people are just considering the images captured after pressing the shutter button on these devices an image good enough for resale.

A properly schooled photographer would beg to differ where this is concerned after being educated on the basics of photography and the experience required in capturing properly composed and exposed photographs in various lighting situations and locations. An amateur photographer is usually oblivious to this knowledge and experience required to really become a professional at photography.

This blog was designed as a support hub for those individuals seeking further knowledge on photography. Be it your hobby or your current or future profession, reality is that there a whole host of information out there as well tips and ideas to help you along with gathering the skills required for you to get the best out of your photography gear.

In time this blog will be a treasure chest filled with most everything that one needs to know and acquire to be really capture breathtaking moments.

What you will find here include the dos and don'ts as well as links to all the important gear. Hopefully, it will be exciting for you the reader as it is for me to bring all this information to this one blog. It is my hope that others commenting and blogging along will share their ideas and tips as well. Most of the information that will be found here will be footage and insights from Professional Photographers all over the world.

Please feel free to ask questions, post comments and bring your own ideas to this nest for everyone to grow from. It should be fun to see what happens over the course of the next few months.

Links and videos from youtube will be posted here that have been reviewed and approved for being ideal information from time to time and with some luck this could be the next hang out spot for those like minded individuals feigning for ideas and tips to help them evolve as a photographer.

A bit of a warning to the novice photographer. Terms that you will read on this blog, some information that you will hear will be inclined toward the pro level photographer. Please do not just skip over these terms. Instead, I urge you to do your homework and ad these terms or names to your vocabulary as they will help you transition from amateur to professional in short order. You too will soon be practicing these new ideas and tips to enhance your style of photography.

There should be no profanity on this blog. There is no need to resort to defamation of characters either. We would like to keep it professional and friendly. If what you intend to post on this blog is not appropriate when said in a room full of people then I suggest you don't attempt to post it as it will be removed promptly.

That's about it for rules. I'm excited about this blog and I hope you absorb as much as you can as it expands over time.

Best wishes to all and remember to keep shooting. The more situations you gain the know how to shoot in the better you will become at capturing properly exposed and composed moments.

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Steven J. Hodge