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How to be Physically and Aesthetically prepared for your Photo Shoot!

Beauty / fitness is really in the eyes of the beholders. In today's society there are many variables where these two topics are concerned. Some may feel slim and trim to be the best way to live and look while others will be happier with the curvier or full figure woman.

I'll leave it up to you to decide on how you want to live your life but I decided to add this page to this photography blog to open the minds of those sitting at either end of the fitness sword. I will touch on how to prepare for your shoot physically and emotionally as it is important to bring your best personality to the shoot. Be prepared, make certain that you have had ample rest as it can be taxing for the model as much as it is for the photographer to endure the time needed to capture the moments.

Far too often I see photo shoots where the model was over or under made up. We will address those issues here as well and include tips that will help both male and female models to develop clear (acne free) skin as it helps with feeling confident which reflects in the actual outcome of the images taken.

I understand completely how confidence is lost through having acne as it never allows you to bring your best face forward and you feel robbed of that. It took a few years of trying everything in the book to help me to clear my own issues with acne. I've decided to let the cat out of the box and share this tip with everyone. Click on this link below and find out why acne exists in your life and how to remove it. It is the only thing that helped me to have clear skin which I get compliments about all day long now.

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