Camera Lenses

Camera Lenses

Which camera lens should you invest your money in? What occasion is best suited for your new lens?

This page is dedicated to bringing knowledge and insights on DSLR lenses and their various uses. Now there are a whole host of camera brands that we can talk about. I will nominate two brand names that I think merit being selected and explained in detail on this blog. 

Canon L Series Lenses &
Nikon High End Nikkor Lenses.

Click this link to see a list of the most important Canon lenses. Although some of the lenses are not L series lenses, I still consider them important to have in your camera bag. 

Trust me when I tell you that you will end up wanting all of the lenses I suggest in your camera bag but stop and think about it before you decide to purchase any. Based on the price factor, do we really need every lens out there for the type of work we choose to do? 

The answer to that is NO!! Whether you are a Nikon or Canon shooter, you will generally have a few lenses for the type of work you do. Hopefully you are able to select Nikkor's/Canon's finest lenses for that purpose. Please keep in mind that there exists a whole host of third party companies producing serious glass that come close to the high end lens producers. 

The assortment of lenses is great for both brand names that I have chosen to discuss here. The variables are very defined. To the average photographer, there are 4 different types of lenses. "Kit lenses" which are moderate in price, higher f/stop aperture throughout the range of the lens work well in outdoor day shots. These lenses allow for less light to hit the sensor of your DSLR. 
Remember you can still create stunning images with these lower end lenses!

Next up are the Zoom lenses, which are generally used for Wild Life/Sports/Fast Action Shots/Distant Shots. These lenses allow you to get closer to your subject without being closer physically. This is an added plus for range shooting however, you are required to know how to change settings to maximize the sharpness and depth of field dependent on the desired affect you are going for. I will suggest taking a photography course or attending workshops that help you to understand the settings you will need to create effects that are possible with any particular lens. 

Most photographers enjoy using Prime lenses because of the wider aperture available to them. This usually allows for more light to hit the sensor thus increasing the ability to shoot sharp/moody pictures in low light situations. These are usually pricey as they are made from high grade of glass and the ingenuity to create these lenses with minimal distortion is really what you end up paying for.

I happen to love the images produced by Canon's 85mm 1.2 lens mounted on a Canon 5d Mark II. Just sublime for Portraiture & Weddings. 

Lastly, you have Wide Angle Lenses. These lenses are usually used for landscape photography, group shots or scenic photos. Some of them come with interesting distortions that can be used to create an effect. 

Let's talk about the various uses I use some of these lenses and which lens I find to be a must have in your bag if you are on a tight budget.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just a novice at photography, if you haven't already, you should work on developing your style of shooting. After you have developed your style, next you should figure out which genres of photography you enjoy shooting.

Some photographers enjoy Portraiture, some enjoy shooting Landscapes or Wildlife/Sports. Then there are the photographers that get into Wedding Photography.

I generally enjoy shooting Landscape or Environmental Photography incorporating models to be the main focus in the shots. I also enjoy Wedding Photography.

Based on the style of shooting I have developed and the genres I like to shoot, I immediately created a need for a few high end lenses. Because I am a Canon Shooter I have Canon lenses. I have also added a third party lens to my bag. I purchased a Tamron 70-200mm lens because of its sharpness and superior vibration control. It is a great buy and have delivered the results I was looking for as well as the option to use as a video lens should the need for a focal length of this range be necessary.

Please view a few shots that I have taken with the lenses I have in my bag. I hope that this helps to illustrate what can be done with them regardless of other factors.

I have also posted a couple links below to help you find the best in Nikon lenses and Canon Lenses. Hope this is helpful.

Perfect Selection of Nikon Lenses. Choose the lenses for your photography needs.

Great Selection of Canon Lenses. Choose from this list the lens that will deliver for your photography genre.

Shot w/28-135mm Kit Lens

Shot w/ 70-200mm Zoom Lens

Shot w/50mm f/1.4 Prime Lens

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