Photo Concepts

Photo Concepts & Photographic Style

Why Create Photo Concepts Before Shooting & What is Photographic Style?

We have covered some of the most important fundamentals towards producing professional looking images. It is just as crucial to have a creative photo concept as it is to have the right lighting and right gear. In fact, you will sooner or later discover that they all work together like a dance and makes what you do come to life.

As mentioned before, developing your own Photographic Style comes with time and experience, but it does happen almost without great focus. It is often the style or genre of shooting you do most of the time and you generally enjoy every process this creative style. In fact, I will urge you to look back at your archive of photos and see which ones stand out to you and group them. After going through all the photos you have compiled, you will notice that the ones you selected have so much in common as far as they way you placed the lighting on the subject and the way you composed the images.

(I have taken the liberty of including a couple of links demonstrating Photo Concept & How to find your Photographic style in the text above) 


Having a photo concept before each shoot is super important as you will have a map as to the destination or purpose of the shoot. It is vital to communicate your ideas to your client before the shoot. I generally develop my concept while conversing with my client and obtaining their ideas for the shoot. Why is this interaction with your client of utmost importance? Well, for starters, you will gain their creative juices and make your job easier as you will soon learn what will be the results will make them happy.

At times there will be the over the moon ideas flowing from your clients' minds, where you will have to scale back these ideas based on what they are able to afford and the time allotted for the shoot. As the photographer you will have more understanding of what it will take to deliver any one concept and far as the budget and props or location are concerned.


I generally am up to try just about any idea to deliver fresh new photos mixed with my style of shooting. However, I will not endanger myself or anyone else to bring a concept to life and I won't advise any other photographer to do so either. Always shoot in safe environments where shooting pictures is permitted and safe. 

Feel free to review other photographers work and figure out what would be best for you and your client. Don't just copy what you see, instead add or subtract from the concept and go for it. The most important part of this process is to have fun and extract some memorable shots for your portfolio and for your client :)

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