Light Sources

Light Sources

Find out from the Professionals which lighting is best suitable for your photography style?

One of the key elements to any great picture is the lighting. After much review from most of the pros that I have learned from in the US and around the world, this is the general consensus. However, it goes slightly further than just figuring out whether your subject is positioned correctly based on the direction the light is coming from. It goes even further than figuring out whether the light is soft or hard, coming from a tiny source or a large source. What most real pro photographers are aiming for is the composition the light is creating. When the light hits the subject it is really the shadows it creates that helps the image the most. Therefore, creating images is really a dance between the highlights and the shadows.

In this video tutorial link below, the understanding of lighting is further explained and helps to illustrate the simple yet most overlooked aspect of photography by beginners. It is slightly lengthy but very important video. Erik Valind teaches a workshop at B&H Photo-Video-Pro Audio in New York where he really takes his time to deliver master teachings on subjects of lighting which should help to enhance your craft.

While this video link above was geared toward the beginner photographer it was certainly a reminder to me why focusing on anything other than the light and the source of light would be straying away from the most crucial aspect of photography.

I have taken the liberty of adding another video tutorial link below to further illustrate the various forms of lighting available to us and what we can do to enhance the light source we work with.

Whether you decide on Flash as your light source or Strobe Lighting, the options can become very confusing. It requires doing some due diligence and assessing for yourself which will work best for your budget and needs.

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Photography Lighting and Light Modifiers

I will be expanding on the topic of lighting in future posts. Please feel free to share links and video suggestions to help others who visit this blog expand their horizons on lighting and how best to use the available sources of light.

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  1. Very insightful. I found the links very helpful as well. I will definitely be checking back for more info. Thanks for sharing this! :)